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“It would be hard to find a club which is more picturesquely situated and with such ideal surroundings."

The (NY) Morning Telegraph February 27, 1910

Standing nearly unchanged for more than 100 years, The Somerset Lake and Game Club (SL&GC) is not only picture perfect, it is a year-round sanctuary— a truly special place where we come to celebrate, to find solace, to enjoy friendships old and new, and to embrace nature and all its splendor.  SL&GC is a magical place that welcomes you to an entirely different mindset the moment you turn into the driveway. 

The founders of Somerset Lake and Game Club chose its location well, in a splendid ravine produced by the North Branch of the Raritan River.  The setting is so natural that no one would guess that the land had been farmland purchased from eight local families.  Nor would anyone imagine that the crescent shaped lake was a man-made creation formed by damming the North Branch of the Raritan River.  Above the lake across the road, at an elevation where decades ago one could see all the way to Cushetunk Mountain and Round Valley, the same founders erected Somerset Hills Country Club with a nine-hole golf course and tennis courts.

Historical Photo.png


John Turpin


Marianne Saladino


Michael Osterman, Esq.


Matt Phillips

Buildings & Grounds

Tressa Baird

Vice President

Lauren Diemar

Membership Chair

Laura Jelinek

Tennis Chair

Arden Miller


Kelly Macomber

Camp & Events Chair

Glenn Likus

Special Projects

Board of Governors


Dan Photo_edited.jpg

Dan Szelingowski

Club Manager

Stephen Maybe Photo_edited.jpg

Steve Maybe
Assistant Manager &
Director of
the Waterfront

SL&GC Boathouse_edited.jpg

James Kaounis &
Margie Murray

Co-Directors of
mer Camp

Sean Larson_edited.jpg

Sean Larson
Tennis Pro

Jesse Smith Grayscale Photo.png

Jesse Smith
Director of Buildings
& Grounds

Brian McFadden Grayscale.jpg

Brian McFadden
Assistant Tennis Pro

Member Categories
Sunset Kayak



All members join as a Regular Member and pay an initiation fee, annual dues,  assessments, if any, and have full voting rights.



Senior Members are Regular Members who have been members for at least 25 years, are over the age of 65 and have no children or grandchildren currently living at home. Senior Members have full voting rights.



Juniors Members are between the ages of 25 and 35 as of April 1 of the current year and the children of current Regular Members. Junior Members have full voting rights. Initiation fee is waived until acceptance to Regular Membership at age 35.



Non-Resident Members are Regular Members who have moved to a distance of 50 miles or more from the Club. They do not have voting rights.



Honorary Members must be 80 years of age and must  have been a distinguished Regular Members for at least 50 years. They do not pay dues and are not entitled to vote.


Any resignations or requests for changes in membership need to be sent in writ­ing to the Membership Chair no later than April 1st of the current year.




Regular  membership                             $2,850.00

Initiation Fee for Regular Member      $10,000.00

Senior Membership (50%)                      $1,425.00

Associate Junior Membership (55%)     $1,567.50

Non-Resident Membership (40%)         $1,140.00



Tennis Lessons: Private $90.00 per hour

Tennis Balls $5.00 per can

Boat Storage: Kayak/Paddleboard  $75.00 per season

Canoe/Sailboat   $150.00 per season



A $10.00 per adult "late RSVP charge" will be added to those individuals who RSVP to club parties and picnics past the noted deadlines


Private Party Rentals:

In-season runs from May 1st to Labor Day Weekend. All other times are considered "off-season".

All rentals are subject to availability and board approval.  Please contact Membership Chair for more information.

Entire Club is the Picnic Area and Boathouse, and is automatic with any party of 75 people or more.

Entire Club:  $2,500.00 in season /$1,000.00 off season

Boathouse:  $1500.00 in season / $500.00 off season

Rental of the entire club or boathouse will be limited to 1 event per month. 

Only two events may take place in September. No corporate events or fundraisers may take place during “in season” and any corporate or fund raising events that take place in the “off season” will be charged at “in season” rates.

Picnic Area:  $750.00 in season /$350.00 off season

Picnic Tables:  2 tables are free, with a max of 8 people at each table.

$50.00 for each additional table up to a max of 5 tables total.

The $50.00 fee is for picnicking only. If you plan to use  tennis courts, boats, or swim, additional guest fees will apply.

See a diagram of the picnic are layout or reserve your picnic table here.  

Guest Fees:

All guests will incur the $10.00 fee per visit regardless of activity.

Adults:  $10.00 per visit (up to 3 visits per year)

Children:  $10.00 per visit (no limit; one week max of summer camp)


All guests need to be accompanied by a club member and must be signed in

Dues & Fees
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